hen androgyny, luxury, and high-end fashion are the buzz words then we are talking about Mannequin Concepts; the upbeat and hip brand meant for high profile, high end shoppers, celebrity and classy millennials. 


Mannequin Concepts is the brainchild and passion of Evan Lyons, a small town guy from Port Arthur, Texas with no big malls and no fashion resources; virtually nothing…other than TV, Magazines and Library books.


With this background, Evan is a self-taught fashion genius who drew his inspiration from classic 70’s movies like; The Wiz & Uptown Saturday Night. Studio 54 was another centripetal fashion focus for Evan. 


Andre Leon Talley is the iconic fashion idol for Evan. The overwhelming reason; his defiance to beat all odds and make it big in the highly competitive fashion industry. This is what Evan believes in as well; an undeniable urge to create most striking range of fashion apparel with complete creative freedom. 

Evan is a dreamer like no other. Right from his early days, he dreamt of sitting in Studio 54, smoking and talking to fashion legends like Yves Saint Laurent, Halston, Karl Lagerfeld, Diana Ross & Anjelica Huston. He always creatively admired the likes of Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld and Alexander McQueen, their struggle and their journey to stardom is a source of strength for Evan. He has in him, what it takes to be a successful fashion designer. 

…. And today, he is doing just that with the launching of Mannequin Concepts. Mannequin Concepts is a brand launched with solid ambition. It has a true history of Evan’s evolution from a small-town boy to a serious fashion designer who had worked for the big names in fashion industry before deciding to go freelance and launch his own brand. His drive for progression in fashion designing made him move from Houston to Atlanta in 2003. Here he worked for Wentworth Art Galleries; doing visuals. He then moved to NYC and did some styling gigs as a freelance stylist. There was a brief pause in his fashion career when he worked on the wall street for sometime. He returned to fashion industry as a as personal shopper for high-end retailers Fendi /Barneys/Saks 5th ave. 


The exhilarating experience of dealing in high fashion products and a little agitation from his close friend Brandon brought him to the decision of launching his own exclusive brand; Mannequin Concepts.


The creative theme behind Mannequin Concepts is simple; yet complex. Evan wants to design for his clients; what they love to wear. Yet, he loves his freedom of creation. He is extremely cautious about modern trends and “all things androgyny but keeping it simplistic and sexy” (in his own words). He loves to keep all his creations in basic tones since he believes that “I don’t believe your clothing has to be LOUD to make a statement which is why I keep everything black and white”. 


Evan is all geared up to be the next sensation on the fashion scene. 

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