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For centuries, people have used fashion to showcase their individual styles and personalities. It can also help define a generation, which is what Mannequin Concepts, is doing for classy Millennials and high-end shoppers. 

what is mannequin concepts?

Where I grew up is far from a fashion capital or the nightlife scene of 1970s-era New York. My only access to fashion back then was from books, magazines, tv shows, and blaxploitation movies. Watching films from the period, like The Wiz and Uptown Saturday Night, inspired my brand as well as iconic designers such as Gordon Henderson, Stephen Burrows, Yves Saint Laurent, & Roy Halston. Even though I am by in large self-taught, I was given the opportunity to hone my craft by working for fashion houses and as a freelance stylist. Fashion literally runs in my family. My mother was a mannequin model, and her ‘70s headshot serves as the logo for my brand.

about mannequin  

My journey to fashion design has been nothing short of unorthodox. However, doing research I feel like that’s the “norm” for most of us. In my humble opinion, you do not choose fashion. It has a way of choosing you. Instead of following my heart, I followed a path my family suggested. I became a pharmacy major at Texas Southern University. I soon realized pharmacy was not my end game. I moved to Atlanta, GA attended design school. I started doing window displays around the Buckhead area for the high-end boutiques along the strip. However, my time at design school was also short-lived; after an intense conversation with one of my professors. At the time his words stung like venom, but in hindsight, I still use those words to draw inspiration. That conversation was a pivotal moment in my life. I left design school, moved to Los Angeles, and hit the ground running as an assistant on commercial and movie sets. LA, while exciting wasn't for me. After a year, I packed up my apartment and moved to NYC with my Sex in the City dreams in tow. I began styling for the various artist at Def Jam, Ruff Ryders & Mass Appeal records. I also worked luxury retail for  Saks Fifth Ave, Fendi, and my beloved Barneys New York. There have been days when I have pondered whether I should have taken the route of working under another designer. For a few years to better understand the full scope of the ins and outs of this industry. However, here I am doing what I love my way. Working under my current mentor and master pattern maker, the GREAT Anthony Cartwright. 


   in Miss one tuxedo gown

NY times .png

CFDA President CaSandra Diggs


  in Congressman Lincoln jumpsuit 

        Billy poter


         in Zenobia dress

        Billy poter


         in Zenobia dress

jojo zarur

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